HPV Awareness Day Round-up

Cancer Prevention Group HPV Awareness Day round-up


World Cancer Day 2023: Cancer Prevention Group on ITN

Credit: Ivan Diaz

To celebrate World Cancer Day 2023, our Group Head Peter Sasieni, together with Clinical Project Manager Jane Rigney, spoke to ITN.

Hear their insights on the major successes of
HPV vaccination and HPV screening over the past 25-30 years.

Watch in full: Eliminating cervical cancer for the next generation

Extended series: https://workingtogether.itn.co.uk/


HPV Awareness Blog Posts

Catch up on our HPV related blog posts from the past year:


When awareness gaps put lives at risk

Credit: National Cancer Institute / Unsplash


In an age of online awareness and health self-advocacy, where do knowledge gaps lie hidden, and who is responsible for conveying vital information on risk?

Juliet Rix was diagnosed with invasive squamous cell carcinoma aged 60. But she had not encountered any information to suggest she could be harbouring an HPV infection picked up decades before. She assumed she had almost zero risk of developing cervical cancer (and no need to attend routine screenings).



Credit: NHS



Read her full story here.




Ask About HPV fact sheets

Help to spread HPV awareness using the International Papillomavirus Society’s HPV fact sheets, tailored to a range of audiences.

Spread the word at: Ask About HPV



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