PODCAST: Remote Consultations in Primary Care

Today we are speaking with Dr Thomas Round on the topic of remote consultations in general practice.

Dr Thomas Round is a GP in north-east London and a primary care cancer researcher at KCL.

Tune in to hear his views on how the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the general practice model; when and if remote consultations are acceptable; the importance of the gut feeling; the role of remote consultations in easing the current burden on general practice; tackling health inequalities and much more.

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Thank you to co-authors Rosie Brade, Senior Account Manager at MHP Communications & Jamie Doorbar for their contribution to this podcast. 

You  may also be interested in our previous blog where @RosieBrade outlines how remote consultations could play a part in improving #cancer #earlydiagnosisbit.ly/3BqwxXg

The views expressed are those of the author. Posting of the blog does not signify that the Cancer Prevention Group endorse those views or opinions.

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